When done properly, as it is in this recipe, there is nothing as sensuously delicious as classic Lobster Bisque. Silky smooth, generously studded with nubbins of the crown jewel of crustaceans, a gleaming tureen filled with piping hot lobster bisque is the ultimate in luxury dining.

Today it seems that never was a more enthralling ocean liner sinking than the maiden voyage of the Titanic a century ago. Sure, the fabulous Oscar-winning film and its impossible-to-erase-from-memory theme song fanned the flames of Titanic-mania but let's give her her due — the sad fate of that White Star sinker has never ceased to fascinate.

But that's not to say it's the only tragedy at sea that captured the world's imagination.  

In 1972 another enthralling sinking of unimaginable horror eclipsed all previous disasters. I speak of course of the Poseidon Adventure.

When this film came out, what cared we of the dusty names of the past? Astors, Guggenheims and Strausses, their faces forgotten and fates not yet reenacted on the silver screen. A sedentary iceberg had nothing on the enormous wall of water that flipped the Poseidon over like a bathtub toy. 

On that fateful New Year's Eve, the Poseidon's Grand Ball Room turned topsy-turvey leaving Shelly Winters! Earnest Borgnine! Red Buttons! Stella Stevens! Roddy McDowell! Leslie Neilson and Pamela Sue Martin!! to climb — and swim — their way to salvation.

Who can forget the literal turn for the worse the revelry on the Poseidon took that night? The passengers, furniture and festive foods hailed down from the ballroom floor turned ceiling.

For reasons best left unexplored, that memory instigated this recipe for Lobster Bisque with appropriately kitschy lobster croutons.

The spectacularly delicious results are so wonderful that a mere demi-tasse serving will send guests into rapture.  Young Raffi McCarroll-Swan,shown here at a recent celebration of another famous-disaster-with-a-happy-ending, Easter, can attest to that!

So as night falls on the centennial of the Titanic's great plunge, let's recall a brighter hope and promise — There's Got to Be a Morning After

Click here for the recipe for Classic Lobster Bisque.

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