Because of the ease of preparation, this recipe for Roasted Marrow Bones with Parsley Salad may deliver the biggest bang for the buck of any recipe on SpecD.  Hence the SSD tag (Simply Spectacularly Delicious). 

Bring a platter to the table laden with thick, naked cow bones, centers all a' bubble with molten marrow and everyone's going to have a visceral reaction. For better or worse, so one should know one's audience when planning to serve Roasted Marrow Bones. 

Fans of the bone are growing in number as a check of the glossy pages of food mags, blogs to restaurant menus bears out.  The best bones I've had of late are at NYC's Prune . While I've taken my cues from Chef Gabrielle Hamilton's presentation, this method is not an authentic replica her ossuarial offerings. 

The acidic salad is key to cut the unctuous fat.  Which is how these brown Kumato tomatoes found their way onto the plate. Sitting pretty in the King Kullen produce aisle, the blue and gold foil of the Superior Taste Award proved irresistible.

Toss a small salad, slice some tomatoes, make some toast, roast the bones.

Spread the hot brown marrow on crisp brown toast, layer on a slice of brown tomato and top with dark green parsley salad.  A sprinkling of sea salt finishes it all off. There you have it. 

Oh, you can always get some marrow spoons to for classiness. At $43 each they are an extravagance but they are triple silver plated.  Otherwise do your best with demi-tasse spoons and cocktail forks as we did.


1 bunch flat leaf parsley, leaves only
2 T. large capers
1/2 small red onion, sliced thinly then roughly chopped
juice of 1 lemon
2 T. olive oil
Roughly chop the parsley and capers, toss with the thinly sliced, chopped onions, lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. 

Thick slices of white toast
Thin slices of plum tomatoes (or Kumatos, if you find them)
Sea salt 

Bones: Plan on 1-2 bones per person, they're very rich and each bone is good for at least two slices of toast. Get bones that are 2" – 3" in length cut from the middle of the bone. 

Place the bones in a roasting pan, place the pan in a preheated 425° oven and cook for 20-25 minutes. They're ready when the marrow on the top of bones are bubbling and the bottom of the pan is well slicked with melted marrow. (You can freeze this run-off as well as any uneaten marrow for later use in a stew or sauce.) 

The bones remain remarkably hot for quite a while so do give fair warning and have plenty of napkins. Scoop the marrow out onto a slice of toast, top with a tomato slice and some parsley salad, sprinkle with sea salt.

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