Ah Christmas, so much to plan, so much to do. Including building up your stores of tasty gifts.  This Simply Spectacularly Delicious recipe for Raspberry Sauce is a sure-fire route to success.

I know some of you haven't dipped into jelly and jam making yet, or tried your hand at home canned delicacies. Far be it for me to get all Judge Judy on you; it's a free country. Well, as free as the conservative ninnies in Congress and certain just-plain-mean Supreme Court justices will allow. But let's move on — it's Christmas time!

This zippy sauce can be whipped up in a flash, without any of the will-it-set jitters of jelly and jam making. And while this recipe calls for a boiling water bath to make the sauce shelf stable, it's fine to put it into clean jars and keep refrigerated. If you go this route you need to tell recipients to devour within a week or two.

One of the benefits of this Raspberry Sauce recipe is that the ratio of fruit to sugar is smaller than jelly so it's very fruity.  We used a two-to-one ratio of berries to sugar, but you can bring that down to three to one if for some reason you want less sugar. The estimable Putting Food By guides the way here: raspberries have enough acid that with a jolt of sugar all that's needed is a  nice boiling water bath to have these Christmas red jars of joy at the ready.  Plus the BWB will fog up your kitchen windows in an appealingly wintery way. 

Raspberry Sauce:
1 pint raspberries
1 cup sugar

Mash the raspberries into a juicy pulp (a potato masher in the bottom of a heavy pot is all it takes). Add the sugar, mix well, turn the heat to medium-high, and stirring so that the bottom doesn't scorch, bring the mixture to a boil. Ladle into sterilized jars.

[If you are not going to process them for long-term storage, turn the jars over for five minutes, then turn right side up. Let cool. Keep refrigerated. Even though the lids will pop, without a boiling water bath these are not fit for storing at room temp. Consume within two weeks.]

For more permanent results, after you ladle the sauce into sterilized jars, leaving a little head room, close the lids and process in a boiling water bath for 20 minutes.

There you have it.  No one's not going to love this glorious red raspberry sauce.

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