A long marinade in white miso paste and other eastern seasonings results in a near-indescribably delicious grilled steak. Beef and miso paste make for a veritable umami explosion! So Miso Steak is now our 10th Simply Spectacularly Delicious (SSD) recipe.

6 T. white miso paste
6 garlic cloves, grated is best; lacking a proper garlic grater, minced will do
6 T. mirin
6 T. sake
2 T. sugar
2 T. sesame oil
4 lbs. London broil steak

Trim London broils of all fat and silversides and gristle. Cut steaks into roughly equally sized squares, about 4" x 4" or so. Do your best with what you have.

Whisk the miso, mirin, sake, sugar, sesame oil, garlic. Cover the steaks with the marinade and marinate as long as time permits; at least four hours; overnight if possible.

Grill over medium heat to ensure a good char and an even medium rare center. While you're grilling, do some veggies too. Nice.

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Written by on October 17, 2011 under ALL RECIPES, Main Dishes, Simply Spectacularly Delicious (SSD).

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