"Double" is the drawing card for this special blueberry jam recipe –thusly dubbed because it calls for wild Maine blueberries mixed with dried blueberries. Here, homemade jam's familiar smooth, soft texture is studded with plump, chewier nuggets of concentrated blueberry flavor. "Oh my, this is good" is the invariable response.

Served fresh, only fresh berries will do of course. But blueberries freeze very well. In high season, when the prices plummet, Steve fills the freezer. He gets to claim Yankee thrift; I'm a mere bargain-lover, not as classy but heck, I'm from Missouri. Steve uses frozen for his famous baked preparations — story-book pies, bubbling crumbles, rich and buttery crisps.  His topping's secret recipe involves sugar cookies.  We'll do that one on S.D. next summer folks.  

Our local blueberries are as good as any, plump and flavorful. Wild Maine blueberries differ in that they're smaller and pack even more flavor.  The easiest way to distinguish them is regular blues have a pale greenish interior, while the wild Maines are dark blue through and through. 

Wild blueberries are harder to find and more expensive, so that means they have to be better, right? I am in marketing; I practice what I preach people. But the case of wild blueberries, there is truth in advertising.  

NutsOnline is a reliable source of dried fruit. As dried raspberries and dried cherries are also available there might be other Double Fruit Jams in your future.

4 c. crushed wild Maine blueberries (frozen is okay)
2. c. unsweetened dried blueberries
2 T. fresh lemon juice
7 c. sugar
2 pouches Certo liquid pectin 

Bring the crushed blueberries and sugar, mixed well, to a big bad boil in a large pot, stirring as you go. When your boil is going strong, add the dried and cook for two minutes. You want enough just enough cooking time for them to absorb some liquid but if you add them at the beginning they'll lose their tough swagger.  Then add the two packages of Certo, and give that pot a good solid minute of full furious boil  Stir! .

Remove from heat, ladle into prepared jars, process in a boiling water bath for five minutes.

This recipe makes a dozen 1/2 pint jars.

I create my labels at myownlabels. They're fab to work with and you can develop your signature style.  In addition to the original Springy Banks Cannery brand, the Spectacularly Delicious collection has been added of course. And though the B&B closed (to the dismay of our cherished clientele) we've kept hold of the Georgica Bend name for future contingencies. Which will not involve a B&B, I promise you that. But who knows what other opportunities might await?


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  • Charles G Thompson

    Love the idea of combining regular blueberries with dried for that added punch. This post shows me the difference in regions we live in. I’ve never seen wild blueberries on the West Coast so feel a bit out of touch with them (as a wild edible). However, wild blackberries are everywhere — loads of them in the Pacific Northwest. My grandparents had them growing in their garden too.

    • Sean

      Blackberries have a brief season here too, though they aren’t as abundant as
      other berries.

  • Anna Johnston

    Fabulous :) Using dried & fresh is a good way to up the flavours. Like it :)

    • Sean

      Holidays, so many fruit baskets, so many dried fruits. Feel a lot of dried
      fruit recipes coming on… :-) Happy New Year!

  • Nanette

    Where do you get canning jars cheap?

  • Mcrice

    I am a slavish follower. I love your genius and excess. I put my issues down to a complete inability to follow instructions. first, I had to use local berries, not Maine (and I think this is my problem). Second, I balked at the sugar and only put in 6 cups. It set fine but it is still so sweet. Maybe it is that I am used to my Blueberry Rhubarb Jam which is tart due to the rhubarb. But I wanted to be in love with the dried blueberry addition!! Still good but so sweet.

    • Sean

      Well I do have a serious sweet tooth. My friend Tom often reminds me that
      once I said “The problem with sugar is that it’s not sweet enough.” True. I
      prefer honey on cereal and such; of course the two are not often

      sent from my not-always-so-smartphone

      • Mrice

        On toast today – not as sweet – and I love the dried berry addition.  So lesson is don’t post based on licking the spoon.  Thanks.

        • Sean

          Hey I’m glad it worked. It’s always a heartbreak when a jam doesn’t set.

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