Breathless with the news of a Liberace bio-pic in the works (Starring Michael Douglas! Directed by Steven Soderberg!!  Matt Damon as Scott Thorson!!!) a celebration was in order. So I found myself drawn once again to Liberace Cooks! As told to Carol Truax, and their recipe for Sables, the delicate French butter cookie.

(If you're not familiar with Liberace's culinary expertise check out this earlier post on his sashimi recipe.)

These Sables are as thrilling as Lee's famous glissandi racing up the key board. Using cooked egg yolks was a new one to me — yet more validation of Liberace's cooking cred. I'm guessing it's the cooked yolks that make them so wonderfully crumbly, melting on the tongue as softly as a stolen kiss from a secret lover.  

Sables are totally appropriate for Christmas cookie duty as well. Choose your own path with the food coloring.

I already envisioned serving these treats on an especially swishy little plate garnished with a fairy's bouquet of pastel sugar rose buds. Hmm… the recipe calls for orange zest, yet I feared the Sables would be a little drab. A dot or two of orange food coloring took care of that.  And heck, why stop there? I'm certain these sparkly tutti frutti sugar sugar crystals would have gotten the Liberace Seal of Approval.  

Recipe for Liberace Sables: French Butter Cookies

3 hard-cooked egg yolks
2 c. flour
1/2 c. superfine sugar
1 c. butter
3 T. grated orange rind

Put the egg yolks into the bowl of your food processor fitted with the sharp blade. Add the flour and sugar and run the blade until everything is as fine as can be. Add the butter, orange zest and food coloring, and run the blade until the dough forms a ball. Remove, divide into four equal balls, wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Roll one portion of dough at time to 1/8" thick, and choose a decorative cutter to make the cookies. Place on an ungreased sheet and sprinkle decorating sugar over each cookie. Bake at 400° for seven minutes. Remove from oven, let rest on the cookie sheet for three more minutes, then transfer to a rack to cool thoroughly.

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  • Anna Johnston

    Oh yes, I did hear this movie was being made & these sparkly little wonders would fit right in with this theme…, but hey why stop there…, you could go to town with the glitter & food colouring (I know, I know… we shouldn’t…. BUT, its Liberace) Sparkles are in order!

    • Sean

      Funny you should mention it, I just found this edible decorative metallic
      spray paint — I got silver (you’ll see it on some cookies I made) but they
      have gold too. Just imagine the possibilities!

  • Charles G Thompson

    I didn’t know he was a cook nor that he had a cook book. Amazing. These sound wonderful, and so interesting about the hard-cooked eggs. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that in a cookie recipe. And the bio pic should be quite interesting!

    • Sean

      Steve and I were in Paris and is so often the case, were introduced
      to Sables and it was one of those, “These French, how do they do it?”
      moments of sheer admiration. And Liberace, back in 1970, already held the

  • Mr Richie D Lirious

    Imagine….a shirtless Mattadore,
    poolside by moonlight,
    twirling a red silk shirt around
    his motorcycle helmet-for bull,
    doing a mock ballet,
    to Liberace playing Malaguena !

    • Sean

      Thank you for this lovely poem. Send me more! Sean

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