When all is said and done, we have that certain Cathy to thank for the enduring mystic of Blood Orange Crêpes Suzette. Sophisticated beyond her years, she embodied culture and refinement to a generation hooked on black and white after-school TV reruns. You remember Cathy, don't you? 


Of course I speak of the Cathy who adores a minuet, the Ballets Russes and Crêpes Suzette.  We were supposed to identify with her identical cousin, but Patty was clearly the lesser of the duo, a rock and roll-loving denizen of Brooklyn Heights.  Outer-borough Patty was a libertine and quite possibly worse; what kind of girl looses control at the sight of a hot dog?  


No Patty for me, thank you. Cathy was elegant, Cathy was educated, Cathy was worldly and wise and prudent.  She read books and lit candles. Cathy left a legacy of gentility and discernment. 


Which brings us to this celebrity recipe for Blood Orange Crêpes Suzette. This posh dessert is suitable for an embassy banquet, featuring a cognac-inflected sauce of simmering vermilion orange segments spooned over springy crêpes with ice cream — flambé, naturellement.


And before you judge Blood Orange Crêpes Suzette (a riff on Julia Child's recipe in MTAOFC) as the height of pretension, may I propose that this is nowhere near as annoying as another American nearly my exact same age. I'd wager the upper-class British accent Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone affects has its roots in The Patty Duke Show as well. For the record Madonna is four months older than I.  

Click here for the recipe for Blood Orange Crêpes Suzette.

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Written by on February 18, 2012 under Celebrity Recipes, Dessert, East Hampton, Party foods.

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