Liberace's Nusstorte Recipe: a flourless filbert (more commonly known as hazelnuts these days), certainly hails from his Mittel-European roots.  Swathed in snowdrifts of drifts of whipped cream, the airy sponge cake is layered with a red jelly — the color of passion! 

As Lee had a keen eye for strong blonds with smooth complexions, I decided some Brunette hazelnut spread would be welcome. Despite the Brunette moniker, the flaxen spread is arrived at naturally, unlike some of the company kept by the creator of this airy patisserie. 

We were gifted this jar of Brunette from a friend recently returning from a tour of the continent. As Liberace was an inveterate traveler, playing to packed houses the world over, his twinkling eyes and irrepressible charm surely enticed some darker-haired fans. Nutella is a fine replacement if Brunette isn't readily available. "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice" is wise advice for nights on the town in Buenos Aires, Rio and Bogota. 

Liberace Cooks! has its recipes organized by the venues he chose for entertaining.  As mentioned before, he had seven different dining rooms. Nusstorte is suggested for a Beautiful Buffet in the Yard. Lee was a rule-breaker and I bet you are too. So If your Beautiful Buffet is set in the dining room or around the kitchen island or a tray in front of the TV, worry not. Like the best dinner guests, Nusstortes are a pleasure no matter the gathering or venue. Why here's Lee reaching for a slice of Nusstorte to savor during a restorative bubble bath.

In fact, the sweet sweet richness if the cake demands moderate serving sizes.  Can you imagine the cost of having to let out the waist band of a bugle-beaded jumpsuit? Gotta keep our tummies taut.  I'm happy to report that the cake traveled quite well, much to the delight of my co-workers.

Click here for the recipe for Nusstorte.

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Written by on February 7, 2011 under Dessert, Famous Chefs.

  • RamblingTart

    How delicious! I love hazelnut anything and lashings of whipped cream would be perfect. :-)

    • Sean

      I think both Hazelnuts and pecans are underutilized. Much as I love walnuts
      always like to shake it up sometimes

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  • Charles G Thompson

    Who knew that Lee had a cookbook?! But of course you did! It looks like Brunette is Belgian? Whipped cream, sponge cake, red jelly. This sounds like the perfect Valentines Day dessert. Are we allowed to thrown in some gold leaf in Lib’s honor?

  • Hannah

    Sounds fantastic! I’ve never heard of this cake, but I love the idea of using a tangy fruit filling to offset the sweetness :)

  • Anna Johnston

    Pure decadence Sean, I haven’t tasted Brunette before, is it like Nutella?

    • Anna Johnston

      It sounds amazing, just been reading through the ingredients. Yumm 😉

  • InTolerantChef

    I’m sure I could add in extra nuts instead of the panko crumbs without too much damage. I wonder what they were for- perhaps keeping it a little lighter in texture? I love the idea of pomegrante jelly too. Yumm…

    • Sean

      I’m sure that’d be okay. Those few crumbs looked remarkable meagre. But
      maybe they are in there so when asked what made the cake so light and
      delicious, Lee could say he had a secret ingredient. Heck, I’d use that
      except now the recipe is published!

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