This recipe for corn relish is a flagship of Springy Banks Cannery (a.k.a. my kitchen).  Rather than elaborate with frills and filigrees, as is so often the case when I repeat recipes year after year, this minimalist treatment is the Mies van der Rohe of corn relish recipes. 

Hey let's drag in another pretentious reference! Coco Chanel is on record with "Elegance is refusal." I've resisted adding jalapenos, said no to celery seeds and turned away all the other usual suspects in the pickling canon.  This is the quintessential corn relish, summer afternoons in a jar. 

And if you don't believe me, at least let me offer this word to the wise: follow corn relish recipes calling for turmeric or thickeners at your own peril.   

Cutting corn off the cob can be a bit messy but I'd resigned myself after trying other methods.  The cob-anchored-in-a-bundt-pan trick didn't do it for me, nor did a promising-looking olde timey wooden device.

You don't have to imagine my surprise at finding a new tool that makes this part of the process easy — you can see for yourself in this  video of cutting corn off the cob.

At this point I'm obligated to point out that same-day picked, sweet white corn is what makes this shine. To swipe a catch phrase from WWD's legendary gossipeuse Suzy,  "But you knew that already."  Okay, I'm done with the name dropping.






You also already know that the right canning right tools are essential. Still, for fun, let's review: a good ladle (this one holds a full cup), a wide-mouth funnel, canning jar tongs, and the little magnet-tipped wand to lift the lids out of hot water.  









Bright in color, bright in taste, this relish stands on its own as a side dish, not just a mere piquant accent to everything else on your plate. This is one of my most-requested holiday gifts. I keep a list of long-standing annual orders. I'm so appreciative of appreciators of Springy Banks Cannery creations I'm happy to give the people what they want. 

Get ye to the farm stand and put up a goodly amount of corn relish in these last few precious weeks of the season!

Click here for the recipe for corn relish.

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Written by on September 27, 2010 under Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Relish, Kitchen Gadgets, Side Dish, Vegetables.

  • Anna Johnston

    I love playing around in the kitchen preserving & one of my all time favourite stand by’s is to have corn relish on hand. After such awesome reviews, how can I resist this. Yep, that’s right….. I can’t. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Sean

      First email of the day — can and can’t — funny! :-)

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