Relishes are relished by lovers of the yin and yang balance of sour and sweet. Vinegar and sugar are the Adam and Eve of the races of relishes. Each of the tribes they gave birth to are marked by individual characteristics — vegetable or fruit? Spicy or mild? Complex or straightforward? When I first heard of this holiday recipe for Blueberry Relish from my work associate Chris Tosti, I was skeptical. Where would this relish fit in?

I've always thought blueberries belonged solely in the realm of sweet.  So I had an quasi-parental concern: my sweet, young innocent blueberries taking up with sour old vinegar? This is wrong and must be prevented!  

Everyone's familiar with this eternal truth: forbidding relationships is a fruitless effort, misery and disaster are the only possible outcome. Ample evidence has been handed down from the ages. Romeo and Juliet, sure, but look what happened to Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar concealing their passion on Brokeback Mountain. Forget not the fate of  impetuous Jack Dawson in his doomed pursuit of Rose DeWitt Dukater aboard the Titanic.  Remember the lessons learned from the painful pangs permeating Pine Valley where All My Children's Cliff Warner and Nina Cortland were never allowed their true happiness. 

Joining this dark roster of thwarted couplings and lives destroyed are the freshly-minted Joey Berglund and Connie Monaghan in Jonathan Franzen's shattering new novel Freedom. 

So who I am to judge? Here's our chance to halt the madness of disapproval, break the vicious cycle. Oh yes, blueberries and vinegar, mingle your juices with my blessings, wrap yourself in unbreakable embraces.

Turning tragedy into happily ever after, click here for the recipe for Blueberry Relish Tosti

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Written by on September 6, 2010 under Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Relish.

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