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Deviled Eggs with Smoked Trout Roe

[1]Not all the art at Art Basel in Miami Beach was hung on walls. This delightful duet of deviled eggs was served up at Yardbird [2] on 16th Street. The creamy yolks were gently spicy, the trout roe topper nice and smokey and salty and a little bit fishy in a good way.

These were not made in the Spectacularly Delicious test kitchens. But when we do try them, this is what we’ll do:

Hard boil some eggs [3]. Let them cool.

Peel, cut in half, scoop out the yolks. Flake the yolks with a fork. Stir in mayonnaise, a few drops of Tabasco, salt and pepper to taste.  Mix well until totally smooth and creamy.

NOTE #1: Save some of the yolk mixture to use as a stabilizing base when you place the eggs on the serving plate.

NOTE #2: This glamorous ziggurat-like effect uses more than the usual amount of yolk,  leaving some white halves left over. Do with them as you wish.

Put a dab of reserved yolk mixture on the serving plate. Secure a white half in the dab.

Use a pastry bag to pipe out the yolk mixture into the whites, making tall spiral.

Repeat until the yolks are used up.

Sprinkle a dash of paprika over the eggs.  Add a flurry of finely minced scallion. 

Use a small spoon to top each tower with a smidgen of smoked trout roe.  

Don’t let the plate wobble too much as you bring it to the table.