This recipe for Stuffed Squid Florentine Style comes to us from Ed Giobbi's Eat Right, Eat Well, The Italian Way.  In continuous print since first published in 1985, Ed inscribed our copy in 1991 though it's taken me lo these 20 years to undertake this intriguing and completely satisfying recipe. The correct Italian name for this dish is Calamari Ripieni all Fiorentina.

No less an authority than Craig Claiborne praises Ed with "He is without question the finest Italian home cook I know."  Through our own long friendship with Ed's eldest child Gena, a.k.a. Eugenia Bone, an acclaimed author in her own right, Steve and I too have experienced the enchantment (there's really no other word for it) of dining at the Giobbis.  All the vegetables, the eggs, the wine and at times the meat are raised on their farmlet in Katonah. Get this: even the rosemary focaccia comes from home-ground wheat grown in Tennessee, where Gena's mom Ellie hails from what can only be called landed gentry.


Yes, the gatherings for Easter dinners, christening luncheons under the stone pergola, exotic fowl roaming acres of flowers surrounding a cool deep pond are the stuff of idyllic memories. But the Giobbi home is a working farm with all that that entails. For instance, our goddaughter, Carson, at a very tender and age witnessed something nasty indeed in the pig shed. Ed had to do what needed to be done with a marauding raccoon that had designs on a prized piglet  Ed had other plans for. "Stomp" was the operative verb. Such is life.    

So back to squid. Carson's younger brother Moses went through a prolonged fascination with all things tentacled. He created these marvelous shirts for Steve and me. Take note of the Look Out warning at the neck. The monster reaching up to ensnare the tanker is also impressive. 

Armed with Ed's stuffed squid recipe, ourselves stuffed into Mo's his-and-his hand painted squid shirts Steve and I spent a breezy summer evening enjoying these pretties that had been plucked from local waters that very afternoon. Gotta love the baymen of East Hampton!


Click here for the recipe for Ed Giobbi's Stuffed Squid Florentine Style.

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