Original James Jefferson Kelly recipe circa 1900

1 lb. unsalted butter
1/3 cup of Lea & Perrin’s sauce
1 6 oz. can tomato paste
1 t. curry powder
2 t. dry mustard
1 t. salt
1/4 t. pepper
10 oz. mushrooms sliced thin
(Note: the original recipe called for 1 small can sliced mushrooms; fresh are better put purists are welcome to revert to canned.)

Over a slow heat melt butter and slowly blend in Lea & Perrin’s, then add the sliced mushrooms.  Add the tomato paste, rinsing the can clean with a bit of water and adding that to the pot as well. Make a paste of the salt, pepper, curry and dry mustard using 2 T. water and stir into the pot. Bring the sauce to a low simmer and cook for one hour, stirring occasionally. Serve hot over steak.

STORING THIS SAUCE: This sauce keeps well in a clean canning jar in the fridge. If you intend to keep it for a week or more, bring the sauce to a boil and pour into sterilized canning jars and seal with sterile lids. BUT THE SAUCE STILL NEEDS TO BE REFRIGERATED.

Long-term shelf stable canning is not recommended. A boiling water bath will not eliminate bacterial threats (i.e. the big “B” — botulism) in this low-acid food, so that familiar method is out. While one could follow USDA guidelines for pressure canning by finding the ingredient that requires the most time and then processing for that long, it is not advised. The flaw there is that mushrooms require nearly two hours of pressure cooking, making it disproportionate to the ease and availability of making the sauce fresh.

I’d like to thank Eugenia Bone, author of Well Preserved, for her helpful advice on proper canning.

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  • Susan

    King of Steaks Steak Sauce certainly sounds like a worthy inheritance — and far better than many!

    • Sean

      The sauce lives up to its name, try it!

      sent from my not-always-so-smartphone

  • Patrick Kanaley

    I’ve been playing with different styles of preparing steaks recently, so I’ll have to give this one a try soon.

    • Sean

      Let me know how it turns out.

      • Patrick Kanaley

        I finally got around to making the sauce tonight, and it was fantastic! I had a couple of friends over for dinner, and they raved about it as well. This is definitely a keeper.

  • Jan

    Sorry to bring back an old post but can you clarify how much is “a can of tomato paste” please.

    • Sean

      This recipe calls for a 6 oz. can — it’s much smaller than a soup can size. Hunts and Contadina are the popular brands making this size. Tomato paste does come in bigger cans, so thanks for pointing this out. I’ve corrected the recipe.

  • Denise

    might i ask which size lea & Perrin’s as well as they come in so many sizes these days ~` thanks much

    • Sean

      this is the 10 oz. bottle. I’ve updated the recipe, thanks for pointing that out

    • Sean

      Use 1/3 cup of Lea & Perrin’s (it was a 10 oz. bottle)

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